Why I Started Maple Ventures?

I created this blog/podcast for a simple reason: Western Canada doesn’t get the love it deserves. Whenever you hear about Vancouver, it’s almost always about anything but tech. So it might be surprising to hear that the BC tech sector continues to outpace the growth in the overall BC economy by nearly two to one! We don’t just wear Lululemon and hike Grouse Mountain for fun, we also build world-class technology companies.

Through the blog/podcast, we hope to empower startup founders and CEOs with the tools and expert knowledge to better navigate the incredibly competitive landscape in business. As a community, we can ensure a prosperous tech scene on this side of the country – not something only reserved for the east coast.

Why should you join?

  • To be PART of a community of industry mentors who will help inspire, motivate, and assist you in achieving your goals
  • To LEARN about various challenges the industry mentors have overcome and the process/steps they took to do so
  • To RECEIVE advice on what VC’s look for in a pitch along with tips on the dreaded fundraising
  • To LEARN about the proper habits, characteristics, and traits that make a successful entrepreneur
  • To DISCOVER the various tools, books, and resources that our industry mentors read, love and recommend so that you can be more productive and efficient

As always, for any questions, comments or inquiries, please feel free to reach out!

Be sure to check out Why I’m Bullish on Vancouver Tech which gives you the inside scoop on the province’s startup ecosystem!

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