Lisa Shields and her Startup War Stories!

Lisa Shields is the Founder of Hyperwallet Systems Inc. Lisa guided Hyperwallet from a technology startup to the leading international payments processor for business to consumer mass payouts. Prior to founding Hyperwallet, Lisa managed payments acceptance and risk management technology teams for high-volume online merchants. She holds Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees in Engineering from MIT and was a founding director of the Wireless Innovation Society of British Columbia. A firm believer in inclusive commerce and digital payments, Lisa is driven by the social and economic imperatives that shape global payment technologies. She speaks frequently and passionately on the importance of low-cost, compliant cross-border payment methods and is constantly looking for new ways to effectively and efficiently service the world’s underbanked population.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Lisa got into the world of payments
  • The key differences (advantages/disadvantages) between well-capitalized start-ups and their counterparts
  • Lisa’s trials and tribulations through her various upstarts and the key learnings from each of those
  • The importance of rejection and remaining true to your mission in the face of adversity

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