Lewis Gelmon (President/CEO @ Johnny Rockets Canada) on the Importance of Making HR Your Competitive Advantage!

If you’re a fan of pizza in Canada then Lewis may have had a hand in it, as he was instrumental in expanding Domino’s Pizza in the 1990s across Canada in a big way. Now, Lewis Gelmon is looking to do the same thing with Johnny Rockets! Lewis is the President and CEO of JR Canada Restaurant Group which is the master franchisee for Johnny Rockets Canada. The team has raised $6.7 million dollars as a way to jumpstart their 100 store expansion efforts. Prior to this, Lewis was introduced to and assisted Johnny Rockets’ corporate stores and franchisees across the United States with their leasing needs. It was through his close working relationship with senior management and love of the brand that Lewis sought the rights to bring Johnny Rockets to Canada!

Check out our conversation below!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Lewis’ experience with bringing Domino’s to Canada taught him the importance of preserving the Americana of the brand but to do it with a Canadian management style/format
  • Why Lewis and the team decided to implement a starting salary at $15/hour, almost 40% above minimum wage!
  • The importance of focusing on human resources and making it your competitive advantage
  • How their $6.7m financing will be used to jumpstart operations and the importance of reverse engineering your business plan

Resources Mentioned:

  • Most Valuable Book: Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • One Piece of Advice to Past Self: “Don’t worry because if you plan things out and you take a professional management approach, things do have a tendency to work out for the best.

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