Hussein Hallak (GM @Launch Academy) on Branding Vancouver as a Top Tech Hub

Hussein Hallak is the General Manager and Head Mentor at Launch Academy which is one of Western Canada’s leading incubator and accelerator. Since 2012, they’ve had more than 500 startups incubated, over $100 million dollars raised, and over 1000 entrepreneurs mentored and trained. Outside of Launch Academy, Hussein is an Executive Director at The Indus Entrepreneurs Vancouver, Instructor at Capilano University, and a Technology Panelist on Roundhouse Radio. He has been featured in Forbes, BBC, DailyHive, and other outlets.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Hussein’s passion for startups and helping entrepreneurs grow
  • Why incubators like Launch Academy are essential for the growth of local tech ecosystems
  • Vancouver’s uphill battle to being a top 10 tech hub and how to better brand the city into a legitimate startup city

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