Amy Rae (Principal at Vanedge Capital) on her Path to Venture Capital

Amy Rae is a Principal at Vanedge Capital and is focused on investing in SaaS businesses and Digital Media technologies. Prior to joining Vanedge, Amy was a Vice President with Ziplocal (USA) where she was responsible for the development of their local search apps and new product rollout. Prior to that, she held the position of Director of Business Development at Canpages Canada. At both companies, she leveraged her deal-making and relationship building skills to attract and broker new partnerships to enhance their online local search businesses. Amy’s previous venture capital experience was as an Associate with JLA Venture Partners and as an Analyst with Latitude Partners, a private equity and strategic advisory firm focused on the technology sector. Amy’s career has been entirely focussed on entrepreneurship and venture capital. Amy is actively involved in promoting entrepreneurship and supporting the Canadian startup community. She is a Board member of the Vancouver Enterprise Forum. Amy holds a B.Comm. with a finance specialization from Dalhousie University.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Amy went became Principal at a large venture capital firm
  • What she looks for in an investment opportunity, specifically in the SaaS and digital media space
  • Why having operating experience makes you a more complete investor and its impact on the way you analyze potential investment opportunities

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